We are dedicated to this work


The aim of the organization is to raise awareness of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-uphematological oncology (multiple myeloma and plasma cell diseases, Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas, and other malignant blood, bone marrow, and lymph node diseases) and other oncological diseases, primarily leukemia (blood cancer). Dealing with and finding solutions to all types of problems and needs of patients with hematologic oncology and other cancers, primarily leukemia, protecting and defending their rights, conducting studies to increase life expectancy and quality of life, having a voice and solution partner in the development of cancer-related health policies, ensuring that our country is represented in the best possible way at the international level by contributing to awareness raising activities.

It is a non-governmental organization operating in the field of health and social services with 1250 members since 2016.


In the field of hematological oncology and other cancers:

Social responsibility: Raising the awareness and consciousness level of the society, adding value to patients’ lives by realizing social responsibility activities with financial and food aid in the field of hematological oncology. To deal with all kinds of problems and needs of all cancer patients, especially leukemia, and to provide medical, legal, psychological and social support to these patients. To give moral support to cancer patients and their relatives.

Educational activities: To carry out educational activities such as courses, workshops, symposiums and congresses that also target international participation, so that current, accurate and practical information can reach cancer patients, their relatives and the society quickly and effectively.

Informative resources: Preparing brochures, booklets, guides, books, atlases, and visual informative, awareness-raising educational materials and quality documents, guides under the name of Lösema publications, to explain to patients, their relatives, and all layers of society that cancer is a treatable disease.

Health care: To carry out the necessary developments in order to ensure the improvement of hematological cancer care in our country in parallel with the world and to increase the quality of the health service provided in this field. To create awareness of healthy lifestyle in the society in order to prevent cancer.

Research: To encourage National / International research for the diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and prevention of diseases, if necessary, to carry them out and to motivate the members in this route.

Public cooperation: To advocate, protect and defend the rights of all cancer patients, especially hematological cancers. To cooperate with relevant persons, institutions and organizations for this purpose.

Health policies: AIM to cooperate with relevant public and legal institutions/organizations in order to take an active involvement in health policies in the field of hematological oncology.

Our Mission

As a nonprofit organization serving in the field of health and social services on hematological cancers.

In the field of hematological oncology; LOSEMA was established with the aim of

  • being a modern, respected and pioneering institution in the field,
  • reaching large masses, touching life, on the national / international platform.
  • preparing and presenting all kinds of educational publications with health and social content in order to raise awareness,
  • realization of dreams,
  • designing and realizing studies in the field of health and social;
  • increase cooperation with national and international institution