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What Can You Do for Financial and Food Aid?

You can organize breakfast programs that includes scientific activities on special days such as CML, CLL Leukemia days etc

You can provide food and financial aid to patients in financial need. You can do voluntary service to meet the social, economic and psychological needs of patients.

You can support the educational needs of children of cancer patients.

You can donate property

What Have We Done for Financial and Food Aid?

The home of our cancer patient, who was abandoned by her husband with her 3 children after she was diagnosed with cancer, was rearranged and a new living space was created to support the patient’s fight against cancer.

We supported ” Fine Arts and Hobby therapy Center” at the Oncology Hospital, where cancer patients hold artistic activities. We supplied materials for activities.

We supported “Charity Store”, which was opened in the Oncology Hospital to provide clothing and cleaning supplies to patients in financial need.

Dreams Come True

You can be a beacon of hope for our patients with cancer by making their dreams come true.

With the “I NEED YOU” project, the needs of cancer patients are met and their dreams are realized.

LÖSEMA, as an NGO with national and moral values, continues its activities aimed at taking part in the field of oncology and achieving the maximum level of what can be done within this framework.

Sister Family

You can provide rent and fuel support.

You can provide training guidance, training materials and scholarship opportunities to meet the training needs.

GYou can make clothing and food aids.

You can be a sister to our cancer patients in order to provide legal support.


A public awareness program was organized in the month of breast cancer awareness with the aim of raising public knowledge.

150 participants were informed about early diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment methods by specialist physicians

Home visits are made to our patients who receive service from our association, and on-site observations and interventions are made.